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Helvetica Light is an easy-to-read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.

  • Conceptual Development

  • Sourcing

  • Design & Branding

  • Production

  • Logistics

  • Delivery & Shipping


At GGL, we are experts in...

Gifting with intention.

Curating and creating quality goods, fresh ideas and clever packaging design.

Branding with style.

Whether it's subtle or bold, consistency with your brand aesthetic is key.

Managing logistics.

Adeptly handling even the most complicated of lists, we assemble and ship with ease, taking the process off your plate.

Navigating gifting

Gifting to different tiers and teams creatively and seamlessly.

Personalizing on multiple

Adding artful, personalized touches to layers of gifting communicates appreciation.

Creating a multi-sensory experience.

Touching on all five senses makes for an unforgettable unboxing moment.

All photos on this page are by:
Jeremie Barlow Photography.

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