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Heather and Susan are best friends and creative soul mates who are coincidentally sisters. From a very early age, they loved inventing and making things almost as much as they loved being together. What was passed down from the four generations of artists/entrepreneurs before them was a love of the creative process, materials, and seeing great ideas come to fruition.

After college, they both forged their own businesses; Heather created Arak Kanofsky Studios with her husband, Nathan, focusing on hand-crafted, design-driven invitations and paper wardrobes. Susan created What Fun!, innovative bath products sold on QVC and 3000 stores worldwide. Inevitably, they joined together and the marriage of art + product organically grew into Gifts for the Good Life.


GGL is known for creating moments of Surprise and Delight through collaborative brand story-telling and compelling touch points. They are passionate about knocking socks off with layered gift experiences for events, conferences, launches and campaigns for luxury corporate, fashion, resorts, sports and entertainment brands.

All photos on this page are by:

Jeremie Barlow Photography.

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